My wallet is stuck syncing. How can I fix this?

Try completely closing your wallet and restarting it. If that doesn’t work, resync your entire blockchain by going to Tools ==> Wallet Repair ==> Delete local blockchain folders. This may take a few hours. This method works for all errors or issues with the wallet.

How do I update my wallet?

Go to File ==> Backup wallet and save it in a USB drive. Then close your wallet completely and delete everything in dwe folder except dwe.conf, masternode.conf, wallet.dat and backups folder. Then download the installer. Add the file to your antivirus exceptions. Run the installer and let it sync.

Where are my wallet.dat, blockchain, and configuration (.conf) files located?

Your DWE data directory stores your blockchain, configuration, wallet, and masternode data.  By default, they are located in the following locations:

Windows: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\DWE

Mac: Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/DWE

How do I make a backup of the blockchain so I can avoid a full resync if something goes wrong?

After a successful full resync, and if your wallet it working fine, you can make a backup of the good blockchain by following these steps below:

1) Close your wallet gracefully (File -> Exit)
2) Go to your DWE directory.
3) Copy the 2 folders (blocks, chainstate) elsewhere. (Some other directory or drive)
4) You can now start the wallet again.
Now, if you face a corrupt blockchain issue again, you can close the wallet then delete the 2 folders (chainstate & blocks), copy over the good backup blocks & chainstate folders to it, then restart the wallet.

How do I encrypt my wallet?

Encrypting your wallet is a great idea to prevent other people from using your computer to steal your money or your wallet.dat file. Please don't forget the encryption password. If you lose it, you can't access your funds. Go to Settings ==> Encrypt Wallet

How do I backup my wallet?

Go to File ==> Backup wallet. Remember that after you encrypt your wallet for the first time, the old backups while the wallet was not encrypted are no longer useful. Backup your wallet again post-encryption.

I forgot my wallet passphrase, is there any way I can retrieve it?

Unfortunately, there is no way that a passphrase can be retrieved. You are advised to write down your wallet passphrase and keep it somewhere safe. DWE staff, including admins and the development team, are unable to do anything in this situation.

I would like to send DWE to my Core Wallet, where can I find my receiving address? 

In the Wallet go to File ==> Receiving addresses (Please note that any address provided in that list can be used to receive DWE coins to your wallet)

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