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Hello and thank you for checking out our Digital World Exchange Knowledge Base, where you will be able to find answers to any questions or your concerns you may have. Be sure to check out our knowledgebase, FAQ, or our video documentation within the gallery. If you do have system concerns, please contact our support team.

Digital World Exchange (DWE) is a technical cryptocurrency exchange platform wholly owned by Digital World Marketplace, Ltd, S.A., domiciled in Panama.

DWE simplifies the exchange of digital cryptocurrency and expands its use. Our blockchain platform provides an extremely user-friendly interface that integrates speed of execution with a fair fee schedule. Our global network of users readily participates in cryptocurrency exchange and storage across country borders.

Secure encrypted digital wallets are available for both phone and desktop users, finally allowing the smooth, safe transaction of digital currency exchange wherever you may be.

With few exceptions, crypto coins and tokens do not have any underlying asset. Their value is entirely subject to the market perception of value as evidenced by traders. Most coins and tokens are based on promises of technology uses that have yet to materialize. One of the unique characteristics of Digital World Exchange’s coin, DWE, is that it is fully collateralized. Additional value will accrue to the coins in circulation as 51% of the gross commissions earned by the Digital World Exchange, and Marketplace will be converted to Gold Bullion, Silver Bullion, Bitcoin, and gold certificates pledged to the currency. The collateral is held as a reserve by banks and certified custodial facilities around the globe. The underlying value of DWE will grow with the exchange, giving holders of the coin a dynamically increasing value tied to the price of gold.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver backing DWE coins.
  • Instant blockchain confirmations
  • Mining without complex computer machinery or electricity costs
  • Staking opportunities allow users to earn rewards with their coin balances
  • User community active in the direction of the exchange
  • Active marketplace to trade goods and services using DWE and zDWE
  • Recoverable encrypted core hard wallet downloadable to user devices
  • The telegram message board allows news to get to users real-time

Digital World Exchange’s Pledge:

  • To help develop and promote best practices to minimized risk and deter illegitimate use of the exchange
  • To operate honestly and transparently and disclose pricing, fees, and any associated risks
  • To communicate to existing and prospective customers in a clear, fair and non-misleading manner
  • To provide a transparent support and complaint mechanism, identify the legal form of the business and management team, provide a physical address of our office, and promptly inform our customers of any material change to the business that impacts customers
  • To develop, initiate and maintain appropriate customer credentialing procedures to ensure, to the best of our ability, that customers are legitimate and not engaging in illegal activities
  • To provide proactive management of our IT infrastructure to prevent leakage, loss, and damage of personal information following our Privacy Policy
  • To segregate customer fiat from company funds and to ensure funds are payable upon an insolvency event
  • To provide cold storage facilities for customer funds not being used for trading, liquidity or transfer.
  • To continually try to identify customers acting in illegal manners and to work with the appropriate authorities upon identification of such activities
  • To commit to undertaking due diligence checks on platform users to protect against illegal activity, including the financing of terrorism
  • To halt trading if suspicious activity is identified and suspend and close any accounts engaging in such activity and notify appropriate authorities

Welcome to the new world of possibilities and we look forward to hearing about your experience in the Digital World Exchange